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Buying or selling a business?

Both buying and selling a business can be complicated processes, with many things to consider for a smooth and successful result. Understanding what the business is really worth is just the start. Making sure the financial and legal details are covered is vital.

Tax and capital restructuring

The way a deal is structured can have considerable implications for tax liabilities for buyer and seller. We can advise on whether an asset sale or share sale is the best route to take and the resulting tax implications.

Raising finance

If you need money to get your business off the ground we can help you navigate the many options and find the solution that best suits your needs. As well as traditional bank lending there are numerous other routes to funding, such as grants, venture capital, private equity, angel investors and crowd-funding platforms.

Due diligence investigations

If you are planning to buy a business it is absolutely essential to carry out a thorough and detailed due diligence investigation. Our experts will leave no stone unturned to ensure you have the necessary information enabling you to make important decisions with confidence.

Management buy-outs

A management buy-out can be a very rewarding venture and Wise & Co can support and advise you throughout the process, from seeking funding to completing the deal.

Project management

Whether buying or selling a business there are a lot of things going on and many changes to oversee. The Wise & Co team can assist with dependable project management to make sure everything moves along smoothly.

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The expertise and support of Keely Harvey and Bob Lock is a major factor in our operational and financial success. Wise & Co are most professional and personable, and we would strongly recommend them.
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