Grow Sustainably

Scaling up, to support business growth, starts with taking a step back

We’ll be there at every step of your business’ lifecycle. Standing back and reflecting on your business growth strategies with the help of external advisers can be an enormous help. Business owners who are able to take time out to work on their businesses, as well as in it, are more than twice as likely to achieve fast business growth. So let Wise & Co be your sounding board. We’ll ensure you have the right information at your fingertips in a timely fashion. We’ll help you differentiate the growth areas of your business from those which may be underperforming. You’ll be able to make informed decisions and have the confidence to push the boundaries. And there are constant changes to legislation and policies, which you can’t afford to ignore but are expected to stay on top of.

Giving you the right information at the right time

We’ll help you to scale up, supporting your business growth strategies. We’ll guide and aid you so that you have the right kind of information, at the right time. Then Wise & Co experts will show you how to use it.

Producing the right management information that you need

This can be the full offering from bookkeeping to monthly management accounts to your year-end financial statements.

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Building a solid business platform

As your business grows, we’ll guide and assist you to put the right systems and controls in place. As well as being more efficient, you will have a better handle on your affairs.

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Taking a holistic look at your plans for the future

Taking a helicopter view of your business and aspirations for the future, both personal and work related, will help you to review its structure. You may wish to introduce management incentive arrangements, such as a share option scheme for certain key members of staff. Not only can we help by sitting down and discussing your plans, but we can make sound commercial recommendations in line with your ideas and help you to implement them.

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Ensuring that your company remains as tax efficient as possible

Legislation is becoming more and more complex and it’s easy to get it wrong, sometimes inadvertently. So, think of us as your ‘go to team’. You can run ideas and decisions past us and we’ll help you with your tax profile and structuring.

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“We have been impressed with the personal service received from
Wise & Co, the speed at which our questions get answered and our accounts are attended to. Steve is always happy to explain any queries and helps us to find ways to help ourselves. Our business has grown substantially since we’ve been with Wise & Co and they have been there to guide us along the way.”

Linda Lane
Griffin Glasshouses