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It's all change at Wise & Co

It's exciting times for Wise & Co. 2016 has been a year of change and evolution, all of which is reinforcing Wise & Co's position as the business services provider of choice for a growing number of clients.

The challenge for 2017 and beyond is to balance the solid, dependable service that has made Wise & Co an indispensable partner for so many of its clients with a desire to be progressive, maximising the opportunities this fast-moving world and volatile economy brings.

With new managing partner, Sharmini Woodings, in place, and a smart new brand to reflect the ethos of the company, Wise & Co is ready for the challenges ahead.

Measured and thoughtful, Sharmini has a clear vision of where she wants to take the firm for the advantage of clients and staff alike. For example the refreshed brand identity places Wise & Co's people and expertise in the spotlight. She believes these elements are the epitome of the firm's brand promise. "Our whole ethos is 'what is good for the client?' which is why it is vital that we employ the best people and promote their continuing professional development."

Sharmini, a tax specialist, is proud of the reputation Wise & Co has built for recruiting, nurturing and retaining talent in order to deliver on its promise of personal service. "We train our people not just in preparing accounts and tax returns, but we also provide them with the skills to understand that it is actually peoples' lives they're dealing with. It matters to them so it matters to us. That sense of investment in our client's business is what Wise & Co has always been about."

Sharmini and her fellow partners are emphatic in the recognition that their strength lies in the continuation of strong client relationships while using digital technology to make the processes and structures run more smoothly. "Our clients tell us they value our consultancy and advisory services which aid the development of their businesses. That will never change. But now we are enhancing our personal touch with new technologies and tools to add even more value to our clients."

It is this approach that keeps Wise & Co ahead of the game. The firm is using digital transformation to its advantage, starting with improvements to their website, which is now a platform for improved marketing and client communications, and with the launch of the new customer portal designed to provide clients with a quicker, simpler and convenient solution for sharing confidential files anywhere, anytime.

The Wise team also strives to ensure that the whole firm works collaboratively to share their expertise for the benefit of their clients. "Our firm is represented by a huge range of people from different backgrounds and different entry routes to the industry. This means we have an enormous range of talent, skill and expertise at our fingertips. All of which adds to the holistic approach that Wise & Co experts bring, in reality meaning we often go beyond providing just a business function."

Underpinning Sharmini's philosophy is her determination for Wise & Co to remain an independent practice free to deal with a wide range of clients. "Wise & Co has been built on a solid foundation of personalised consultancy and longstanding relationships, providing a service tailored to individuals and their specific requirements. I am as proud of our role as a local, community player and employer, as I am of our ambition to be a forward-thinking and progressive accountancy firm of the future. We are after all, building on over 40 years' of history and heritage."

Measured, thoughtful - but with an eye firmly on the future - Wise & Co is ready for the next 40 years.


I receive 100% from Sharmini and her team, from the reception greeting right the way through. I feel at ease with Wise & Co’s warm and friendly manner.
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