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Weekend hacks that leave you ready for Monday morning

7th August 2017

Weekend hacks that leave you ready for Monday morning

It’s commonly heard at the water cooler on Monday morning: “I just wish the weekend could be longer.”

Often, we cram everything we can into the weekend, and before we know it, we’re back to the office and it feels like we were never away. This cycle can result in poor productivity at the start of the week, and a feeling of resentment against the business – even if everything is actually going well.

So how can you make the most of your weekend, and still feel as good as new on Monday morning? Here are some ideas:

Keep it low-key on Saturday night – if you spend all Sunday recovering from a big night on Saturday, you could find a knock-on effect when you get to work on Monday. You’ll feel sluggish and unproductive, and you probably won’t have slept well on Sunday night. So why not make Friday night your party night, recover on Saturday, and leave Sunday for doing something refreshing and fun?

Take some time for yourself – we often spend our weekends catching up on things that haven’t been done during the week: shopping, cleaning, seeing friends, sorting paperwork. But it’s just as important to take some time for something you love – a good movie, an exercise class, some meditation, or a few hours with a good book.

Don’t lie in – it seems the most obvious thing to do when you don’t have to get up for the commute, but sleeping too long can make you feel more tired during the day. You could get up just an hour earlier, fit in all your essential chores and still have the rest of the day to yourself.

Think ahead – you don’t want to be thinking about work at the weekend, but a little pre-week preparation can go a long way. Whether it’s making sure you’ve got enough shirts, popping a couple of meals in the freezer, or organising an overnight stay to avoid a long trip to a meeting, you’ll feel more relaxed if things are organised.

Follow these tips, and your weekends could become more refreshing, more productive and even feel longer – helping you to get to work on Monday morning feeling more than ready for the week ahead.


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