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Should you do more to keep your employees active?

3rd July 2017

Should you do more to keep your employees active?

With research continuing to show a strong relationship between well-being and productivity, forward-thinking businesses are introducing incentives and opportunities for their employees to keep fit and active. Is your business ahead of the game?

Supporting an active workplace can bring you a range of benefits:

  • Current employees feel empowered to look after themselves;
  • Happy, healthy employees are more productive;
  • Employee retention improves;
  • Your business becomes more attractive to new recruits;
  • Employees are more creative and innovative.

From this point of view, a well-being programme is an investment in your business, not a cost. Businesses approach this in a variety of ways, depending on the size of the business, the type of work your employees do, and the budget you have available. Think about ways you can encourage and support your people to be more active and have a healthier working life, such as:

  • Providing free fruit and healthy snacks and drinks;
  • Introducing stand-up desks and meeting tables;
  • Take advantage of tax-efficient cycle-to-work schemes;
  • Supplying step counters to encourage more movement;
  • Put on lunchtime or after-office fitness classes in-house;
  • Subsidise gym membership;
  • Encourage participation in active charity events;
  • Offer medical checks and eye tests.

Tax-efficient well-being options

Some of the well-being options you introduce may have tax benefits for you or for your employees, although you should call us to double check, as there have been changes to the type of schemes that are available as salary-sacrifice schemes. However, the cycle-to-work scheme is still a tax-efficient option, as the government wants to encourage more use of bicycles, and in some cases, subsidised or free healthy foods is an option where a business is big enough to have a qualifying canteen or catering service.

How do I start?

If you’d like to offer well-being options to your business – no matter what size – it’s a good idea to consult your employees to find out what they would most like to see. This helps you to see what they think is most worthwhile and what they would actually use – some businesses introduce schemes that simply don’t get the take up from the workforce.

It’s also worth talking to us about what schemes could be financially beneficial to your business and your employees as well as having an impact on their health and fitness. This lets you offer options that you know are going to work, rather than trying something that might not work.
Why not get active now, and give us a call?


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