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Marketing tips for businesses

27th September 2017

Marketing tips for businesses

Create powerful content: Connect with your audience - deliver your message through an interesting story and inspire action. Enhance your content with thought-provoking case studies and statistics. Position yourself as a ‘thought leader’ with topical, timely and remarkable content which encourages people to comment and share. From webinars, video tutorials and ebooks to infographics, podcasts and whitepapers – discover the most effective format for your content.

Leverage great content: Create it once and publish it across multiple channels. Re-hash and share old content - create a brochure from blog posts or turn a webinar recording into a video. Write a guest post for an online publication or subscriber-only newsletter. Include comments from industry influencers so they share the content with their networks. Update your website with fresh content – Google loves this!

Optimise your website so it appeals to search engines and visitors. Identify keywords you want to be found for and place these strategically within your page content, URLs, meta descriptions, header, title and alt tags. Give every page a unique title and description, with a ‘call-to action’ in a prominent position. Link to important content from your homepage. Add social media sharing buttons to popular pages and link popular pages to content you want to give a boost in rankings.

Increase quality inbound links: Connect with organisations and bloggers relevant to your industry and get them to link to your best content. When an ‘authoritative’ website uses anchor text to link to your web page this can drive traffic and help your website rank higher in search engines. Write press releases, post insightful comments on industry forums, get listed on directories and experiment with pay-per-click advertising - include a link to your website at every opportunity!

Network, network, network! Follow industry leaders, influencers, prospects and competitors; join groups, tweet, share posts and comment. Be a savvy social networker and genuinely engage with the communities you’re sharing content with. Host or sponsor a charity event, webinar, seminar or breakfast meeting. Be a guest speaker or guest blogger, become a mentor or teach a workshop. Join your local chamber of commerce, attend events and apply for business awards.

Collate customer case studies and testimonials and share these across your online channels. Build a referral network - ask for referrals and make referrals. Team-up with other businesses to widen your market and help sell your products or services.

And finally…integrate your marketing efforts! Carefully link together your communications and ensure they reinforce your brand’s ultimate message! Consistency is key – consistent and relevant messages help nurture long-term customer relationships.


Very sincere thanks for all of the advice and support we have received from Sharmini and her team over the many years they have looked after our tax affairs, and the helpful way in which they have guided us through the intricacies of taxation.
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