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Is your coffee machine standing between you and success?

18th July 2017

Is your coffee machine standing between you and success?

It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. The way you look after your people can have an impact on their productivity, and that includes the drinks you provide and whether you subsidise those drinks or not.

Why coffee machines?

The two most common drinks provided in offices in the UK are coffee and water. We’re all familiar with water stations, and as long as there’s plenty of water to go round, people are usually happy.

Coffee is a different matter. Today, we expect to be able to choose from a range of coffee, and employers who are still providing a kettle and a jar of own-brand instant coffee are potentially reducing employees’ motivation.

What are your options?

Your options will depend on the size of your business and the size of your budget.

Business - Bigger businesses have canteens or break-out areas, and these can include a coffee bar, complete with baristas and the full range of coffees and other drinks, just as you’d find at a high street coffee chain. However, this isn’t practical for most businesses, which have to rely either on traditional vending machines, self-service coffee machines or just encouraging staff to bring in their own supplies.

Budget – if you choose a vending machine, you’ll rent it from a vending company. The company will install the machine, service it, and keep it stocked for you. You can choose whether you want your staff to pay full price for their coffee, or whether you’re willing to subsidise it. You can subsidise a percentage of the cost, or you can absorb the whole cost yourself. If you choose a self-service machine, you’ll probably need to pay up-front for the machine itself and then you can decide how you want to cover the cost for the capsules or coffee that it needs.

Does it matter?

The little things count when it comes to creating a comfortable, productive environment in your business. Poor coffee or over-charging for the coffee that’s available is likely to contribute to a lack of motivation, which in turn affects productivity negatively. There are plenty of studies that show how much difference a good working environment can make.

Why not talk to your staff to see whether this is something you can improve in your business? And talk to us about how a better working environment can improve your financial prospects.



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