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Is your business happy?

11th July 2017

Is your business happy?

There are many measures of a happy business – and you might think we are most interested in financial happiness – increasing turnover, higher profit margins and greater investment.

It’s true that the financial health of your business is important – but when that health can be positively influenced by the happiness of the people who work with you, then that matters too.

A happy workplace gives you many benefits, but here are the three that make the most difference to the success of your business:

More committed employees – we’ve all moved on from jobs because we’re unhappy. A positive working environment makes people want to stay, which means you have people working for your business who are totally invested in its long-term success. What’s more, you’ll attract new talent to your business.

More selling power – whatever your business, the adage that ‘people buy from people’ is true. If you encourage good working relationships, your employees are more likely to believe in what they’re doing, and do it well. If your employees are enthusiastic, genuine and convincing, you’re more likely to win business.

More creativity – when people are unhappy, they tend to just do the tasks that they have to do, and not suggest alternatives or look for new ways to do things. On the other hand, happy people are actively involved in your business, helping you to see how to do things better and using their talents to improve your prospects.

Your happy pill

So how can you boost happiness in your office?

Lead by example – be positive, energetic and imaginative about the business and its potential. People often take their cue from the leader, and it’s amazing what a difference it makes to the atmosphere when happiness comes from the top.

Show you care – take the time to get to know the people in your business and pay attention to their wellbeing. This can be anything from buying fans for the office when they weather is too hot, to agreeing flexible working for someone who has a caring role at home.

Involve everyone – when people feel they have a stake in the future, they are more engaged. Share your vision and your values with your staff and invite contributions on a regular basis.

Give them a chance to grow – you’ll be amazed at the undiscovered talent in your business. Make it your goal to help your people develop and grow, because they’ll contribute more, stay with you for longer and could make a real difference to your success.

Talk to us about how improving happiness levels could help you improve your bottom line.


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