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How to run your business from your smartphone

15th February 2018

How to run your business from your smartphone

Today’s smartphone is much more than a way to call home at the end of the day – phones and tablets are incredibly sophisticated, which means you can pretty much run your business on the go with just one device and the right range of apps.

What does that mean for you? Less to carry, instant accessibility and the ability to respond quickly and easily to enquiries, customer issues, internal planning and much more. Here, we look at the types of app that can help you to run your business wherever you are.

  • Email – you are likely to have access to at least two email accounts on your phone: your work email and your personal email. If you are a contractor, you may also have an email address associated with whichever company you are currently working with, and you can access that too. That means you can catch up with emails on the train or over lunch, giving you the ability to respond quickly and efficiently and keep yourself in the loop.
  • Receipts – there are a number of apps that allow you to scan and file receipts. This is great for people who are constantly travelling, parking or entertaining, and allow you to keep a record of what you’ve spent and where without having to keep envelopes full of paper receipts. You can also use parking apps to pay for parking, giving you a clear reported history.
  • Online diaries – diaries that live in the cloud are updatable from any device, and you can switch on sharing options so that others can add appointments, immediately updating the calendar on your phone. This is great if you use an outsourced diary management service.
  • Time and project apps – if you need to record the amount of time you spend with a client, or on a client project, download one of the time-keeping apps. These allow you to record time spent by project, giving you weekly and monthly reports so you can complete timesheets or create accurate invoices. You can also use dedicated project apps which are accessible by the whole project team, allowing you to update progress, add queries, discuss issues and mark off key achievements.
  • Social media – businesses use social media differently, but if it’s important to you to be able to update your business accounts instantly when you’re out of the office, then download the relevant apps to your phone. It’s easier to update via the app than via the online site on your browser, and you’ll also get updates so you can see when people have been interacting with you.

These are just a few of the standard ways you can use your smartphone to run your business – there will be other apps available for specialist areas or that give you access to particular information that you need in your line of work. Use your phone as a business tool as well as a personal one and you could make a real difference to your efficiency and effectiveness.


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