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How to boost productivity in your business

5th July 2017

How to boost productivity in your business

We all know that happy people are productive people, but did you know you can lift morale and increase efficiency with just a few simple changes?

Many business owners underestimate the profitable power of a happy office. New businesses tend to suffer from this less than established ones. In a new business, everyone is excited about the product or service and about achieving success. In an older business, things may have become more about function than fun, and the business suffers as a result.

So here are just a few things to consider, changing some of them could make your employees happier, work harder, stay with your business for longer, and recommend it to others:


In order to be productive, people need to be comfortable. That means paying attention to your office environment. Think about this:

  • Can you maintain a comfortable ambient temperature, or is it too cold in winter and too hot in summer?
  • Is the lighting bright enough, or are people straining to see their screens or read paperwork?
  • Is there natural light? If so, are desks set up near it or away from it?
  • Have you considered desk height, ergonomic chairs and the position of screens on the desks?
  • Is your office quiet or noisy? If it’s noisy, is there somewhere employees can go when they need to concentrate?

Care and attention

Studies have shown that employees want to be noticed, appreciated and engaged with the business. The more you do this, the happier and more productive they are likely to be.

  • Talk to staff regularly – individually and together – about their workplace experience.
  • Provide water in the office, and consider offering other food and drink that is either provided by or subsidised by the company.
  • Listen to what employees say and act when necessary. This can be anything from introducing flexible working to actually fixing the light in the toilet.
  • Recognise achievement – many businesses do this in a formal way, but it’s just as important to acknowledge smaller achievements.
  • Give them the freedom to work. Make sure the equipment they need is in good working order, invest in uniforms, protective clothing and other accessories where necessary.
  • Give them the freedom to think. Contributing is a big factor in workplace happiness. Give people time to work on their own projects, or involve them in certain company decisions. You might be surprised by the creativity you already have on board.

Could you do better?

A rise in productivity is linked to a rise in turnover and profit – and that’s good for any business. To find out more, or to talk to us about improving your business’ success in general, just call today.


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