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Harnessing freelance talent to boost your business

29th August 2017

Harnessing freelance talent to boost your business

Recent surveys from various freelancing sites have shown that businesses are increasingly using specialist freelancers to plug gaps in their business.

In the UK, the number of sole traders – which is often how freelancers operate – has risen rapidly over the past 10 years, with over 3.5 million people thought to be working this way. That’s partly due to people re-assessing their work-life balance and deciding to go it alone rather than endure corporate life; and partly due to companies making redundancies to save money. Instead of looking for new jobs, many of those newly-redundant people have decided to set up on their own.

So why are more businesses using freelancers?

For many businesses, but especially SMEs, freelance talent is a great option – and for a range of reasons:

  • Talent - you can access a high level of expertise, experience and skill by using freelancers who have a great corporate background and a real understanding of what’s needed to help your business succeed.
  • Flexibility – freelancers are used to working when they are needed. That means you can pull in their expertise for a particular part of your project or for a particular length of time, to give your business the added skills it needs.
  • Cost – you’re only paying for what you use, and you can agree that in advance. That makes budgeting much easier and helps you to save money on key projects. If you decide to work with a freelancer on a retained basis, you’ll get excellent value for money.
  • Reliability – good freelancers understand the importance of excellent client relationships and they’ll work hard to build a good reputation with your business, so that you can rely on them to deliver.
  • Contacts – established freelancers often have a great network of contacts. This allows them to bring in other freelance experts to your project, so you benefit from a wider range of expertise at a really affordable price.
  • Productivity – a good freelancer is a productive worker. They will deliver on time, make sure everything is done to the highest standard and give you added value wherever possible. That helps them to secure additional work, gather great recommendations and testimonials and build their own business.

You can outsource a range of business tasks either to freelancers or to other businesses who can help you to succeed. To find out more, talk to us today.


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