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Fit for business

19th July 2017

Fit for business? How successful leaders manage their health

By their very nature, entrepreneurs are active people. Even those who have built multi-million pound businesses are still up early and make fitness and health part of their daily routine. That vigour and energy is part of their appeal, and one of the reasons why they can inspire others to follow their path, however risky it might appear. And it does seem to be one of the characteristics that are common to people who start and run successful businesses, so how can you do the same?

Make exercise part of your routine

Rather than trying to fit exercise into your diary, fit it into your routine. Commit to jogging on certain days, or heading to the gym on the way to the office. Put it in your diary like you would any other appointment, and stick to it. Let people know that those times are important to you so that they know not to ask for meetings.

Get up a little earlier

Entrepreneurs are more likely to be morning people – or at least not need as much sleep as everyone else – so it should be fine to get up a little earlier and fit in a swim, cycle or exercise routine. It will wake you up and energise you for the rest of the day.

Use your commute

If you can, why not cycle or run to work? Leave the car at home and give yourself a practical reason to exercise. You’ll be setting a great example to your staff and, once you’re showered and changed, you’ll be ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of the day ahead.

Enter a competition

One of the best ways of ensuring you stay focused is to have a good end goal. Enter an event that you need to train for, so that you have to commit to a programme over a number of months. You might want to do an event for charity, so ask your staff to nominate a charity and look for an event to support them. Good for you, good for your staff, good for the charity.

Do what you enjoy

If you hate running, don’t do it. Choose something you enjoy; from archery to Zumba, there will be something that gives you the buzz and energy you’re looking for. Talk to us about looking at the health of your business, so you can make sure it’s as fit as you are.


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