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Employee motivation: Creating the right work environment

1st March 2017

Employee motivation: Creating the right work environment

Feeling valued at work is just as important as competitive pay, opportunities for personal and professional development through training, and feeling ‘in the know’ on the latest news.

Managers are a key influence on positive moral and employee motivation.

Here are 6 tips on making sure you build the right work environment:

  1. Set a good tone at the start of each day. Smile and greet your team whilst walking around the workplace, share your daily goals and expectations.
  2. Ensure staff know what is expected of them. Set clear expectations and collect feedback to confirm their understanding. If requirements do change, then make sure the changes are communicated well. Try and explain the reason or context for the change wherever possible.
  3. Let staff know how they are performing at work, spend positive interaction time with staff through regular catch-up meetings.
  4. Recognise, praise and reward good work, particularly work that goes beyond expectations. A fair progressive disciplinary system is equally important for improving employee performance.
  5. Research and trial innovative ideas for employee motivation – identify a potential internal trainer(s), seek guidance from HR or an external consultant.
  6. Share information with staff – communicate the goals and the direction the project/work/business is heading.

Combine these tips with your skill set and perform them daily – that’s the challenge.


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