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Could digital transformation boost your business?

18th January 2018

Could digital transformation boost your business?

Working with a wide range of companies, we know that managing every-day tasks can be time-consuming and frustrating for SME business owners. That’s often because only bare-bones systems are in place to help with organisation and planning, and because much is still done on paper.

There is a better way, and we find that businesses who adopt technology early on are more efficient, more effective and better able to concentrate on business strategy and growth.

So how could you be more digital?

Business advisers and organisations talk about digital transformation a lot. As a general phrase, it can sound daunting, but the reality is that you can move your systems to digital bit-by-bit and at a pace that suits your business. Here are the top three things that we think you should consider moving to a digital basis:

Your accounts

Not surprising, coming from us, but with the advent of Making Tax Digital, where HMRC wants to move all accounting, reporting and payments online, it’s worth getting ahead of the game. Talk to your accountant about choosing a software package that can help you manage your accounts better – from clearer invoicing to easy reconciliation of expenses for your staff. You can even download apps for your staff that help them manage mileage, parking and receipts, helping you to go paperless by adopting digital capture solutions.

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Your customer database

Excel is a great tool for managing data, but if your business is serious about managing customer relationships, you need to invest in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. There are lots of them on the market – some free, some paid-for – so it’s just a case of finding out what features are important to your business and how the system can support better communications with your customers. Once you have a good CRM system, you’ll find that you save time and money whilst giving a far better service.

Your tasks and project management

Depending on your business, it’s worth looking into how digital solutions can help you streamline your processes. If you run projects with a team involved – whether that team is solely employed by you or you use contractors and freelancers – it makes sense to adopt software that allows everyone on the project to communicate quickly and effectively, with updated project plans immediately available and task lists updated in real-time. This digital transformation will make a huge difference to the efficiency of your project, reducing costs, saving time and giving your customers an outstanding result.

Talk to us about choosing the right accounting package for your business, and to see how our IT support services can help to keep your business on track.


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