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Combating work-related stress

30th October 2017

Combating work-related stress

This Wednesday it is International Stress Awareness Day, here are some tips for combating work-related stress:

  1. Prioritise your daily tasks: Choose your three most urgent tasks and make them your priority for the day. Reschedule and renegotiate your commitments.
  2. An overwhelming project? Break it down into smaller and more manageable steps. Can you delegate some elements?
  3. Take regular breaks throughout your work day – walk or chat to a friendly face and take time away from your desk during lunchbreaks.
  4. Have an open conversation with your employer about what is impacting your work performance. Clarify your job description, discuss your role and identify any areas for enhancement through more meaningful or challenging tasks or any tasks where you need additional support from colleagues. It may also involve making changes to your physical workspace or requesting a transfer to another department. Find out if there are any employer-sponsored wellness resources available. Devise an effective plan to manage your work-related stress.
  5. Keep a balanced work-life schedule. Balancing work with family, social activities and downtime.
  6. Take time off to recharge and ‘switch off’ from work-related activities so you can return to work feeling reinvigorated.












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