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Can your business save money by saving energy?

16th August 2017

Can your business save money by saving energy?

Businesses of all sizes are always looking for ways to reduce expenditure and make a difference to the bottom line.

Energy saving is an area that every business should consider from this point of view. It doesn’t matter whether you work from a home office, a rented building or your own offices – there are savings to be found.

Get an energy audit – you can talk to specialists who will come into your premises and see where savings can be made. Your current energy supplier may even offer this as a free service.

Check out energy suppliers – most people don’t switch energy suppliers because it seems like too much hassle, but it’s actually easier than you think, and it could save you money. Unless you are tied into a supplier because of your commercial landlord agreement, it makes sense to look at your domestic supply options (if you work from home) or business deals for commercial premises.

Turn it off – thousands of businesses across the country leave their computers, printers, machinery and even lighting on when there’s no-one in the office. By turning energy-guzzling equipment off when you don’t need it, you’re automatically reducing your bills.

Switch to smarter alternatives – install LED bulbs instead of traditional ones, install light sensors in the toilet facilities, look for ways to harness solar or wind power in your building. Think about installing smart meters, so that your energy consumption is clear for all to see.

Look for help – energy suppliers are being challenged to provide sustainable alternatives, and you may find that there are incentives from these suppliers, as well as from local council or business initiatives, to help you become greener.

Talk to your staff – one of your best sources of information and ideas is the people around you. Ask them how you could improve energy use, and you could find not only new ideas, but real commitment to doing things differently, building up a new part of your company culture. You might find, for example, that encouraging flexible working can reduce the number of people in the office every day.

Business users, whether B2C or B2B, are increasingly interested in how the people they buy from approach things like energy use. If you can demonstrate a commitment to better energy management, you’ll not only save money – you might increase your customer base.

Wise & Co has partnered with Auditel to help clients improve efficiencies, streamline working practices, reduce waste and achieve sustainable cost savings. Contact us to find out more about making your business more efficient.



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