Farnham RUFC Minis Circus Tour 2020 – time to let the show begin!

10th March 2020

By Stephen Morgan, Partner
Having enjoyed the camaraderie of the 2019 tour preparations, team Wise & Co were keen to extend their support to this year’s tourists. Sport is a great way of breaking down barriers, especially in our digital age!

It’s annual tour time for Farnham Rugby Club’s Minis and Wise & Co gave them the perfect send off!  Team Wise & Co were keen to extend their support to this year’s tourists.  Also their hard working and dedicated organisers.

The bar keeps rising!

Under 10s dad Mark Findlay explained how the bar seems to rise every year in terms of its success.  He said, “With high demand and places selling out very quickly, we had to put our thinking caps for our theme early”.  And, after much deliberation and discussion, the ‘Circus Tour’ was chosen.  The show began with the youngsters’ own take on the haka on the balcony of Farnham RUFC.

Why sport is so important

Team Wise & Co stood together to receive the challenge of the Farnham Minis Circus Tour haka.  As a firm, Wise & Co, considers itself to be sporty with plenty of keen sportspeople among the staff.  Together they cover a wide range.  From rugby, to hockey, to football, to netball, to ski-ing, to swimming and so on.  Whether you’re at school or at work, health and wellbeing are key, and sport is also a great way of breaking down barriers, especially in our digital age!  Partner Steve Morgan’s thoughts reflect this, “I was always a sporty kid and even though I don’t have as much time as I used to, I still prioritise a run or a round of golf once or twice a week.  Sadly my football and cricket days are behind me now, but when I was part of my local team I made some great friends.  We all learnt the value of pulling together, especially if we were lagging behind, and how to communicate effectively”.

The team can’t wait

With the haka done and the gauntlet laid down to the local minis teams the tourists will be playing in Bournemouth and Dorchester, Mark’s son, Hamish, gave us his take on why he is looking forward to it so much.   “I’m counting down the days because we’re going to have the best time”, he said.  “I can’t wait for the matches we’re playing. We’ve been training hard and then afterwards we get to hang out with the rest of my team.  There’s going to be lots of fun things to do like donutting and skating”.

Creating team spirit

Mark, following up Hamish’s comments, agreed. “Organising the tour has been a lot of fun, and I’ve really enjoyed it.  I feel quite strongly that sports tours like this are very important on many different levels.  They create some wonderful memories and help everyone at the rugby club to get to know one another better both on the field and off it.  Like all good things though, it will be over before we know it.  But then we’ll go back to the club with an even greater sense of team spirit”.

Go the Farnham Minis Circus Tour 2020!  Have a great time and fly the flag for Farnham!

About the author

Stephen is a general practice partner.  He joined Wise & Co in 1994 where he trained as a chartered accountant and became a partner in 2006.  He acts for a broad range of clients.  They include many barristers, and individuals and companies working in the hospitality and leisure sector and in the media and entertainment sector.  Stephen is skilled at providing them with practical advice dovetailing technical and commercial expertise.  Outside work, Stephen remains a keen sportsman!

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