Corporate Social Responsibility

As a firm Wise & Co is highly committed to upholding and maintaining a programme of corporate social responsibility. We’ve focused our strategy on two primary areas: the impact we make as a business on the environment both locally and globally, and our influence and effect on people and society.

Our commitment to doing our “bit” towards a greener environment is upheld by the whole office. We recycle paper, cardboard and plastic. We try not to print documents out unless necessary. We use recycled or FSC sourced paper. We use electronic means of communication if possible instead of hard copy. Our aim is to continually reduce the amount of waste that we generate. We are encouraging our staff to significantly reduce their use of key single plastic items and as such we have phased out plastic cups in the office.

Operating our business in a responsible way, we’ve upgraded our existing office space and are currently investing in new technology encompassing greater cloud capabilities which will further improve our working practices and our overall carbon footprint.

Whist we uphold these practices at Wise & Co, we try to ensure that we use suppliers with the same CSR values as we have and in particular those who show the environment the same degree of respect.

As a “people business” we have a responsibility to our staff, our clients, our local community, our suppliers and other stakeholders. We have a high proportion of local clients and hence our commitment to the community where we live and work ranks very highly. We have a duty to “give back” and we do this by supporting local causes and getting involved with charitable events.

We also encourage all our staff to get involved with a charity – whether it’s through Wise & Co or it’s one of their own choosing. Every year we support young people by providing them with work experience placements and by giving them practical careers advice.

We continually review our approach to CSR and are committed to monitoring our achievements against our targets. Every year we strive to improve on the last.

Supporting the Farnham RFC’s Minis Samurai Tour 2019

Wise & Co is a “people business” and as a firm which trains students to become accountants, tax professionals and business advisers, we have a strong sense of responsibility to support the younger generation.  So, when Geoff Duncan, dad of under 10s player Luca, contacted us to ask if we’d be interested in sponsoring Farnham Rugby Club’s 2019 Minis tour, we jumped at the chance.  A sense of duty to “give back” to the local community is central to the Wise & Co culture.

Farnham Rugby Club has always played a big part in the area and has grown in size and stature over its 34 year history, with players ranging in age from the under 5s to a thriving veterans team.  Of course the club has also produced some of the UK’s top players.

The Wise & Co team count many keen sportspeople amongst their number – not just rugby players, but netballers, footballers, hockey players, cyclists and so on.  A keen sportsman himself, partner Steve Morgan explains, “Taking part in sport at any early age, especially if it involves playing in a team, is invaluable as it teaches players key skills which they’ll use later on in life no matter which path they choose to take.  Think leadership, good communication, working together and mutual respect.  Looking back I realise now the extent of what I learned whilst having a great time with all my friends”.

Geoff continues, “Tours are a very important part of children’s rugby!  They’re a chance for the kids, the coaches and the parents to build team spirit, morale and above all establish a real team identity.  Everyone benefits from the opportunity of getting to know one another better both on the field and off it.  Breaking down barriers and seeing people in a different setting builds strong friendships as well as creating some great stories and memories for everyone”.

Geoff’s thoughts are backed by those of his son who can’t wait for the tour and the opportunity to spend time with all his team mates!  “It’s going to be great fun!” says Luca “It’s the Rugby World Cup this autumn and because it’s going to be in Japan we’ve called our tour, the Samurai Tour!”

The Samurai tourists are heading off to Ladram Bay Holiday Park in Devon for an action-packed weekend of rugby on 6th and 7th April, and in the meantime they’re training hard!  Go, go, go the Farnham Minis!  Have a great tour and lots of fun!

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