Corporate Social Responsibility

As a firm Wise & Co is highly committed to upholding and maintaining a programme of corporate social responsibility. We’ve focused our strategy on two primary areas: the impact we make as a business on the environment both locally and globally, and our influence and effect on people and society.

Our commitment to doing our “bit” towards a greener environment is upheld by the whole office. We recycle paper, cardboard and plastic. We try not to print documents out unless necessary. We use recycled or FSC sourced paper. We use electronic means of communication if possible instead of hard copy. Our aim is to continually reduce the amount of waste that we generate. We are encouraging our staff to significantly reduce their use of key single plastic items and as such we have phased out plastic cups in the office.

Operating our business in a responsible way, we’ve upgraded our existing office space and are currently investing in new technology encompassing greater cloud capabilities which will further improve our working practices and our overall carbon footprint.

Whist we uphold these practices at Wise & Co, we try to ensure that we use suppliers with the same CSR values as we have and in particular those who show the environment the same degree of respect.

As a “people business” we have a responsibility to our staff, our clients, our local community, our suppliers and other stakeholders. We have a high proportion of local clients and hence our commitment to the community where we live and work ranks very highly. We have a duty to “give back” and we do this by supporting local causes and getting involved with charitable events. We also encourage all our staff to get involved with a charity – whether it’s through
Wise & Co or it’s one of their own choosing. Every year we support young people by providing them with work experience placements and by giving them practical careers advice.

We continually review our approach to CSR and are committed to monitoring our achievements against our targets. Every year we strive to improve on the last.

Sponsorship of the girls’ cricket team at Rowledge Cricket Club

As a “people business” the partners at Wise & Co have always felt a strong sense of responsibility to their staff, the local community, clients, suppliers and their other stakeholders. A number of years ago, their feeling of duty to “put back” resulted in a decision that they would choose their own charities or good causes to sponsor and get involved with.

Sharmini Woodings explains, “As personalities we’re quite different and between us we have a variety of interests, but we all wanted to recognise the community that we live and work in and to make a positive contribution towards it. It’s central to the Wise & Co culture”.

Two years ago, Sharmini decided to support the Junior Girls Crickets teams at Rowledge Cricket Club near Farnham. Rowledge has a very popular girls section and when Wise & Co first got involved with the club at the beginning of the 2017 there were three teams which increased to a fourth at the beginning of 2018. With more and more interest following a very successful season, it looks as if the club is going to have to set up a fifth team and there’s a high chance that there may be a waiting list for the U11s winter nets training sessions. The club is also considering recruiting another coach.

Sharmini and her husband, Ted, have also shown their support for Rowledge Cricket Club by going along to some of the events that it puts on. The club is a vibrant part of the community and to see such a popular and buzzing youth section with a high number of girls has, in Sharmini’s words, been “absolutely fantastic”.

Sharmini adds, “I enjoyed seeing the popularity of the girls’ game grow, so much so that we decided to introduce two more awards this year, the “most improved player” and the “best player of the month”. When we suggested these awards, the club were very enthusiastic about rewarding the girls for all their hard work and dedication”.

Haidee Goodwin, who is the Junior Girls Coach, comments, “It really is quite remarkable what we have achieved in the last 18 months, and we really hope that the other clubs are encouraged by our success”.

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