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Golf clubs

We’re proud to have a long association with a number of golf clubs and so we really understand what it takes to be successful. We appreciate the differences between running a proprietary or members club and so our accounting and advisory team can offer the relevant experience and knowledge to deal with the issues these present.

For example, a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation may avoid charging output VAT on part of the annual subscription, while partial exemption rules make it vital for members’ clubs to maximise the rate of recovery for input VAT.

To find out more about our services or to arrange a free consultation, please contact Bob Lock on 01252 711244.

Leisure clubs

Many golf clubs now have linked leisure facilities – a good way of adding value for members and attracting new ones. And, of course, private health and leisure clubs themselves are increasingly popular in an age when more people want healthier lifestyles and have the time and money to pursue them. Our team can help owners run an efficient operation and make sound financial decisions including buying and selling businesses.

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Our professionals work with a range of hotels from boutiques to nationwide budget groups. We can help with services such as monthly management of accounts, annual accounts preparation, payroll, VAT advice, auditing and consultancy.

We understand the vision and energy you need to build a hotel business so our experts are always on hand to offer an efficient and knowledgeable service to help you understand and resolve all the complex issues you encounter.

Pubs, wine bars and restaurants

We have worked with a significant number of pubs, wine bars and restaurants over the last 30 years, helping the owners provide a great service for their customers, day in, day out. Our comprehensive service includes budget reviews, cash flow forecasts, accounts management, a payroll bureau service and a can-do attitude when it comes to help raising finance.

We also offer specialist advice on VAT, capital allowances, PAYE and the correct operation of a TRONC system to handle distribution of tips and service charges. Having seen how the licensed trade sector is increasingly targeted by HMRC, we have developed a way of working that ensures proprietors have limited or no contact with tax officials during their enquiries.

Whatever business you are in we firmly believe you will benefit from our wealth of experience, creative thinking and sound financial expertise.

To find out more about our services or to arrange a free consultation, please contact Stephen Morgan on 01252 711244.


Very sincere thanks for all of the advice and support we have received from Sharmini and her team over the many years they have looked after our tax affairs, and the helpful way in which they have guided us through the intricacies of taxation.
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